Feb 24, 2010

Hello, Blog

what happens when you only update your blog once a month??? you end up with tons and tons of pictures......, like these. that have to be posted. because the grandparents are screaming :) without further ado....

our new dog, Flora. yes, this is our third dog. third times a charm, right? she's pretty awesome, though. she doesn't bite, chew, bark, or jump. most of the time I don't even know she's there. my kind of dog. we took her in from a friend who found her wandering. she's cost us lots of money and we've only had her a few weeks. but the kids love her. no, take that back, they are obsessed with her. especially Annely Blake. so that makes her worth it.
our poor crooked snowman before will kicked him over.

will got a new bike for his birthday. we're working on the riding part.

we had a joint birthday party for will and henry a few weeks back. will wanted a football theme. and yes, I made the cake myself!

the two birthday boys about to blow out the candles.

a week before our joint family party, will and friend L had a joint school party as they both turned 5 together.

aren't they cute? they just had their first kiss a few days ago. I'll make sure and remind them in about 10 years when that kind of thing is reaallly embarrassing.

what do you expect with six kids under 5?

Henry's actual birthday. as you can see, he wasn't too shy about the cake.

ahhhh, he's one!!

will went up to our mountain cabin with both sets of grandfathers and matt. he called it the "guys" weekend. who let my little boy shoot a gun?

the "guys"

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Bridget Adams said...

Poor, poor, poor, poor, Maxey dog. Did she unpack her doggy suitcase? I hope not.