Apr 17, 2009

Annely Blake turns two!!

Wow, is Annley Blake already TWO? How is that possible? I have to keep reminding myself that she's not the baby anymore. Of course, her constant chatter reminds me of that lately. She has quite the personality these days. I am so thankful that God didn't listen to me when I dreamt and hoped of raising all boys. I just knew I would be one of those moms who spent all her time at the ball park and playing "cops and robbers." Thank goodness He didn't listen and gave me the cutest, most funny, adorable, lovable little girl. So, Annely Blake, what do we love about you? You are such a great combination of "tomboy" and girly -girl. You love dress up and dolls, but you also love to play cars with Will and guns and really, whatever he is doing. You quite simply adore your big brother. Lately you have been really into your dolls, though. Pushing them in the swing, feeding them bottles, putting diapers on them, and taking them with you everywhere. You'll be the best little mommy one day, if you choose to be. You look just like your daddy and it's no question you have him wrapped around your finger. But, even though you look just like him, you do have your momma's personality and temper and patience (or lack of.....) You will say "hi" to anyone, even strangers, wave at everybody in the store, stop people and tell them all about your little brother, and bring me the phone all day long wanting to call people and have long conversations. Oh, you have quite a little personality! We can't wait to watch you grow up and help take care of your little brother and become a little lady. I am so glad that when these boys grow up and fall in love and move on, that I'll have you to still come around and talk to (hopefully :)) We love you, little princess! Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!!

Annely Blake- April 18th, 2007 7lbs 13oz
First birthday- celebrating in Charleston with the great-grandmother you were named after
and today......with just enough hair to finally get a bow in!!

Apr 15, 2009

Dear Henry,

If ever there was a time I wish babies could talk it would be now. I'd want you to tell me why you cry a lot, and if you're hurting. Is it the reflux, buddy? Or do you get sad when mommy leaves the room. Because you sure are happy as long as I'm holding you. I can't figure you out, Henry. You don't really look like your brother and sister, and you certainly don't act like they did. You were cut from a different mold! But, you sure are cute. And I especially love that you're starting to laugh at me, and I just about melted into a puddle the other day when I saw you sucking your thumb. None of my other ones did that. The doctor said you must be some kind of baby, and super laid back. She said she's never seen a baby with your reflux symptoms who doesn't cry day and night. I can't complain because you're a great sleeper! I just wish I knew what was bothering you during the day. I'm more attached to you than I was your big brother and sister. Maybe it's all of your "issues." Or maybe because our relationship got off to a rocky start. Either way, I'm going to be real protective of you, so get used to it. I love you, baby Henry.

Apr 12, 2009


He is risen, He is risen indeed!

Scenes from our Easter Sunday celebration....

Annely Blake checking out her easter basket in the morning Will was happy to find m&ms......

eating lunch on the church grounds-

baby Henry, look at those precious bunny feet!-

Will and Luke before the hunt-

I think she had one egg in her basket-

Will and his friends-

the five of us after church-

Happy Easter!!!!!!!

Apr 6, 2009

grumpy old men

Henry- 10 weeks, Cal- 12 weeks Aren't they cute?!!

Apr 3, 2009

Month Two

Well, month two around here certainly was a lot easier than month one. We are settling into a little routine, and getting more sleep (which doesn't hurt anything :) and really starting to enjoy having more kids than hands! Our March was a busy month, though, and I've included a collection of pictures from our travels and happenings.

Henry at 8 weeks- Aunt Lori and Henry in Savannah

Cousins- AB and Tyler-

Pa Pa, Matt and Brandon in Sav.

St Patty's Day Parade-

Celebrating my 30th Birthday in Athens-

Atlanta Zoo with KK and Poppy-

Will at Columbus Air Show-

Henry's baptism 3/29/09