Dec 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Scenes from our Christmas celebration. This might be my longest post yet (as in pictures). It takes too long to upload them to picasa web so prepare to scroll a while. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Our table- set with the china my grandmother gave me when we married. The kids' loot. Santa brought AB a princess dress, shoes, and baby doll. Will got a t-ball set, truck with a crane, and they both get to share some new chalk and play-dough.
AB practicing her "mothering" skills.

I asked Will what his favorite present was and he said the crane. He has a slight obsession with cranes and trucks.

Second favorite present. A book with "Toy Story", "Cars", and "Nemo" stories.
My mom reading a book to AB.

Dad relaxing.

Will's cousins gave him some cars and trucks with a road mat.

Princess crown and jewelry she wanted to wear ALL day. :)

Puzzle. Something we've found he's really good at!

The Zevac's came over that night to eat dinner with us. Will and Luke had fun their style. With wrestling, fighting and chasing!

The Zevac/Maxey group.

Attempting to get a shot with all of us and the kids.

Our four.....soon to be five!

Dec 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

(we decided not to do Christmas cards this year since we will be sending out birth announcements soon after #3 gets here. consider this your 2008 Maxey Christmas Card!)


Dec 22, 2008

Small Group Party

We had our small group party Friday night. Dinner with NO kids, then more fun at the Trammells' house afterwards. We look forward to this every year! Here is our group, minus a few who couldn't make it....... the only picture I got of the night! If I hadn't mentioned before, this is our "family" here in Columbus. We love these guys!!!
make sure you scroll down for pictures from our georgia aquarium trip last week.....

Georgia Aquarium

We took a trip last week to the Georgia Aquarium. It's great to be able to do these little day trips with the kids....we were back early afternoon after three hours at the aquarium. Will had the best time of all, he did NOT want to go home and started crying when it was time to leave.

Open tank with hammerhead sharks and sting rays you could touch.... Annely Blake checking things out......(my mom was able to meet us there too!)
Meeting Depot, the mascot fish of Georgia Aquarium

Underwater tunnel with sharks and sting rays swimming above....

Sting ray..........

More deep sea fish.....

Part of the tropical divers from the coral reef (my favorite...the colors were amazing)

Sea otters.........

Sitting pretty with KK....

On the way home....

Dec 17, 2008

A Christmas Story... told by a rooster named Will. (Warning- this post will be low on inspiring words. The pictures should make up for that though. We just had the stomach bug tear through our house with a vengeance. Yes, all four of us. Fortunately we are on the mend now.)
The following are a few pictures from Will's participation in our Church's Christmas Nativity play this past Sunday.


Will as the rooster... I have not laughed so hard in a long time. Quite possibly one of the funniest things I've ever seen :) back view...
Some of the barnyard animals......note Will and best bud Luke were roosters together. Hilarious!

A couple of cows and a cute little mouse....

Rest of the animal crew......

Tomorrow is our family trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Can't wait! Pictures to follow!

Dec 11, 2008

Getting in the spirit....

The Christmas spirit, that is. Tree decorating, house decorating,'s all begun! Here are a few pictures from our trek downtown last week for Columbus' first annual "ring in Christmas" production. It was quite comical how our town decided to do that. "Reindeer" promised turned out to be a fenced in area of grazing deer. "Snow" was dispensed in 5 second spurts from a "snow-blower" (if you could call it that), spraying the kids with minuscule specks of some unknown white substance. A huge, lit, Christmas tree, with a nearly five foot section of lights missing from the top. Ahhh, Christmas Columbus style. It made us laugh :)

Annely Blake posing in front of some sort of light display. Please notice the hazardous wire and electrical cord. A nightmare when you have Will and his friend Luke running around at full speed. Snow. Can you see it? We couldn't either. But the kids thought it was great!
Posing in front of the tree. A near miracle we got them to hold still and smile.

Our small group kids. Or most of them. Maggie dashed away at the last minute, and Klein was taking a break. We're adding two more in January...making the adults officially out-numbered. YIKES!!

And finally, our tree. I love how it fits in the corner of our small but cozy dining room. I love that when we eat Christmas dinner it will be just feet from us, with all of it's smells and colors. We are staying put this year. My parents will be joining us for a few days, and our dear friends the Zevacs will be eating Christmas dinner with us. I can't wait! Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec 9, 2008

Room Reveal

Well, it's finally here. The moment I've been putting off since we found out baby #3 was on his way. Moving Annely Blake into Will's room. The unknowns of putting the world's best sleeper together with the child who gets sick every two weeks and sleeps as light as a feather was terrifying to me. Unfortunately, with a 3 bedroom house, we didn't have much choice! So, several months ago, the work began. Paint was applied, mattresses purchased, a hand-made bookcase completed, and finally it was done! Last week we took the plunge and Annely Blake and Will spent their first night together in their new room. We've had a few rough nights since then, but are hoping most of the kinks get worked out before the baby gets here. Here is the progression of the room change:

primer going on....goodbye hunter green walls! new paint up, mattresses in
completed bookcase with 4 coats of white paint!!

their little reading corner

the beds all made up (I'm beginning to see that I must like bright colors :)

Annely Blake all tucked in for her first night....she looks so small in that big bed :(

nighty night!

Stay tuned for additional pictures of the beautiful black and whites my mom did of each kid hanging over their beds!

Dec 6, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Yes, I know Thanksgiving was last week. Please forgive my tardiness in blogging about it. I'm 8 months pregnant...cut me a little slack! The week started off in Athens visiting my parents for a few days, then we headed to Savannah for the rest of the week. Thanksgiving dinner was at Matt's sister's house (Lori) and was delicious as always! Will and Annely Blake had way too much fun with their cousins that they don't get to see nearly enough. And, we had the pleasure of getting together with some old friends from high school (matt's) and college (ours). Unfortunately I was a do-do and didn't pull the camera out to take one single picture. :( We got back Sunday afternoon and it's been a whirl-wind of a week since then. I'll be blogging more about whats been going on around here.....including the completion of Will and AB's shared room, moving her over into the big girl bed and all the fun that came with that :) and our Christmas decorating. Our weekends from now on are pretty much consumed with getting last minute projects done and cleaning and organizing closets, clothes etc....all in preparation for baby #3 who is arriving next month!

Here's the link for Thanksgiving pictures...