Apr 24, 2008

Coastal Tour

We're back from our week-long vacation along the coast. First stop was Charleston to visit my grandmother and have her meet her namesake for the first time. We celebrated AB's birthday with her, my family, my dad's two sisters, and 20+ other people my grandmother invited to the celebration. (not kidding...my Grandy can throw a party:) Sunday we headed to Savannah for a three day visit with Matt's family and another birthday party for AB and Pa Pa, who turned 66 the day before AB turned 1! We're exhausted after hours and hours in the car but it was totally worth it. I really can't believe my baby is 1 now. If the first year goes by fast with the first kid, it goes by twice as fast with the second. I'll have to upload all the photos from our trip. We were quite busy at both locations and the kids did great staying up waaay past bedtimes and skipping naps etc.... It's good to be back now, although I'll be busy for weeks tackling laundry and writing thank you notes. So long for now!

Apr 12, 2008

Up and Running!


We're back with pictures:


Those are a collection of pictures from the past few weeks, including Easter. It has been a busy few weeks so maybe it was good that I didn't have the computer to distract me :) We are still waiting on our appointment date for Egleston for Annely Blake. We saw the allergist on Friday and found she is highly allergic to eggs. So that means no eggs and nothing with eggs baked in them. Yikes! I'm on a quest for an egg-free birthday cake recipe. Anyone out there with a good one? Other than her medical issues, she is now in the midst of major separation anxiety, (mainly concerning me), and has started to scream at night when we put her down. She even cries when Matt holds her. I never had to deal with this with Will, (of course :)) "To rock or not to rock...that is the question?!" As I type, Matt is rocking her after 1+ hour of off/on screaming. I know I haven't posted much about Will. He's doing well and enjoys listening to his Veggie Tales Praise Cd every single night before going to bed. He spends his days playing outside with Ellie, and following me around the house asking 1billion questions all day long. I laugh at him all day. He really says the most hilarious things. Wednesday we are heading out for a week-long vacation. Our first stop is Charleston, SC to visit my grandmother, who Annely Blake is named for. We will visit with her for four days and celebrate AB's first birthday. (Yes....next Friday it is!) Then on Sunday we're stopping in Savannah on our way back home for a three day visit with Matt's family. We haven't seen them in a while and Will has been dying to see his cousins. I've been sewing up a storm, and just today finished two baby day gowns for a friend who is having twins this summer. They were at times almost the death of me, yet I have an unexplainable high from the accomplishment of finishing them. Matt has been busy at work creating projects that have earned him accolades from top executives at the company. He's an extremely hard worker and it is definitely paying off!
Check back with us as I'll be posting more regularly and with pictures now that we have access.

Apr 3, 2008

Another Update

Sorry...I have no pictures to post :( I've really been feeling sad about not being able to put up all of our Easter pictures and others from the past weeks. We are working on getting our computer fixed, hopefully it won't be much longer. We've been busy with our normal stuff, plus all these doctor visits for AB. She is continuing to do well, eating normally and is starting to pull up and cruise furniture. We saw her pediatrician this week who is referring us to an allergist here in Columbus to explore a possible egg allergy, and to Egleston to try and get some answers to her weird array of symptoms. Her legs and arms are still intermittently turning blue and have terrible circulation (known as capillary refill time.) Normal is less than 2 or 3 seconds...hers is upwards of 10 seconds or more. At its worst, her lips and cheeks will turn blue as well. We know it is nothing serious or life-threatening, but it is still concerning to know something is going on but not know what. Will is keeping busy playing with Ellie outside, and going to school, and bossing Annely Blake around. He's talking up a storm and is fascinated with yard equipment, construction tools, and puzzles. We turned a corner around Christmas and feel like he's finally out of the terrible twos and is really a delightful and fairly easy child. (Much like he was as a baby....) Whew! That was one LOOOOONG year and a half of consistent discipline. Just in time for Annely Blake to start acting up. That girl has a temper like you wouldn't believe. She ought to be a lot of fun at 15 :) All right...enough from me.