Dec 24, 2007

Sick Again?!

Well, here we are, the day before Christmas and battling sickness with Annely Blake again. This time it's that nasty ear infection that still won't go away, plus RSV/bronchiolitis. We're doing a steady round of antibiotics, humidifier, Motrin, Benadryl, and nasal suctioning. I've cleared off the top of her dresser to make room for all the pharmacy supplies. We really hope this third round of antibiotics knocks the ear infection out as she's been toting it around since October! Oh well, I can't complain much, she really is a happy baby for being so sick :( Tomorrow we're celebrating Christmas here, in Columbus, away from our families for the first time ever. We're having some of our Columbus "family" over: the Trammells' and Adams', plus my sister for Christmas dinner. Hopefully I'll get all the pictures up on Wednesday. Merry Christmas to you all!

Dec 20, 2007

half pints

Merry Christmas! From our miniature living Nativity:
Mary (Lulie), Joseph (Will), the angel (Bethany), the wise man (Luke), the bunny (Anne), and baby Jesus (Annely Blake).

Dec 17, 2007

small group christmas party

A real restaurant. Real adult conversation. No kids!!! It was the highlight of our week :)

Dec 16, 2007

our babies

It is quite rare that we get a picture of both of them looking at the camera and smiling!
Here they are, Will at almost three and Annely Blake at 8 months.

Dec 12, 2007

tired boy

Or maybe a more appropriate title would have been, "tired boy and parents." After nearly a year of being out of his crib and in his own bed, Will has finally figured out he can get out of his room. Now, at all hours of the night, he is entering our room and wanting to get in our bed. The answer so far has been a resounding NO! So, because of these late night visits, it has made for some pretty tired parents and one tired boy. We're not quite sure how to "fix" this problem. I'm not above locking him in his room, however, the door to his room doesn't latch- so that's out of the question. Anyone have any words of wisdom to pass our way?

Dec 9, 2007

Christmas Cookies

For as long as I can remember my family has been making sugar cookies for Christmas. Using my mom's delicious recipe, and her assortment of cookie cutters, we have baked (and eaten :))our way to Christmas each year. This year, Will got to join in the fun and helped decorate the cookies with green and red sprinkles. This was all he could talk about yesterday- decorating and eating cookies. It did not disappoint!

Dec 5, 2007

Our Week

We've had a busy week around here and it's only Wednesday! We trimmed the tree (and house) this week-end with help from my sister. Will came down with a cold, followed by a nasty return of the ear infection for Annely Blake..... only this time it's both ears. I spent most of this morning at the doctor and pharmacy. Never any fun with one fussy feverish baby and one rambunctious toddler who can't sit still for five seconds. Oh well,.... such is life. At least our house looks festive !!

Carefully placing the ornaments....The snowman ornament Will made at school.
The finished tree......

Early Christmas present for Annely Blake....a bucket swing......does it get any cuter than this??

Hanging on for dear life.....

Utter happiness. Our wild man Willie.

Dec 1, 2007


We "stole" this idea from the Zevac's blog. Enjoy!