May 29, 2007

bath time

as you can see, Will actually posed for this pic!
Ahhh, summer has arrived. Here in Columbus that means muggy, hot, 90 degree days, mosquitoes and plenty of excuses for sitting outside. This weekend I got the go-ahead from Matt to purchase a new patio set. It's been over a year since our old glass-topped table set blew over in a storm and shattered all over our patio. We love to entertain and have people over so much this has been quite an inconvenience. We had to make do with three salvaged chairs that we would strategically place in shady spots around the yard. I found this great set from Target and just love it! Matt and I found plenty of ways to break it in this weekend. Our coffee was enjoyed here each morning and we had some friends over last night for a barbecue while the kids played in the pool and slip-n-slide. Overall it was a relaxing weekend for all of us.

May 27, 2007

First real more sponge bathing!! My grandmother from Charleston, (who Annely Blake is named after), sent this beautiful smocked dress with matching bonnet.

These aren't the best pictures because she was ready to eat so we'll have to get better ones another time!

May 26, 2007


He may be a brain-washed Auburn fan at home, but when he comes over here his true colors show!!!

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!

May 25, 2007


Guess what Will was doing while he was in time-out.......

May 24, 2007

nothing special

No real reason to blog....just wanted to update pictures of Annely Blake who's five weeks old now.

May 23, 2007

Beauty Queen

Will was playing with my makeup this morning. He had it all spread out on the bed like he was about to give himself a make-over! At one point I even saw him wearing one of my bracelets. Should I be worried?? :)

May 20, 2007

Our Trip in Pictures...

We're back home now from our one week road trip. Here are some highlights:

Rehearsal dinner for Josh. Our first night out since the baby was born.
Feeding the ducks at lake Mayer.

Kaylee holding her cousin for the first time.

Future banker?

"I want to be just like my Poppy!"

May 16, 2007


Newton's Law of Parenting #1:
Your child will only get sick surrounding a vacation, major event, or birthday.

In Will's first two years of life he has only been really sick a total of four times.

1. A nasty stomach virus when he was seven months old and we were on our way to Charleston. We were going to Charleston to visit my grandmother so she could meet Will for the first time. He proceeded to vomit on her within the first five minutes of their meeting. Good first impression.
2. Croup on his first birthday. If you think I'm joking you should see his birthday pictures. Red snotty nose, swollen eyes and NO smile. I spent the entire night prior to his birthday up with him, medicating his fever, listening to his barky cough, and steaming the bathroom so he could breathe easier.
3. Ear infection with 105 fever. This occurred this past November right before Thanksgiving. We were only able to go to Savannah because we caught it somewhat early and started antibiotics just before we left to go out of town
4. And now a sinus infection and two crusty conjunctivitis infected eyes. Where are we now? Out of town of course! Between the two kids I was up four times several nights ago. One crying for food, the other crying because he was "scared," and wanted me to "hold you mommy, hold you."
AHHHH, the life of a mother!

May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Two of my greatest blessings: Matt and I are on a one week road trip starting in Athens and ending in Savannah next weekend. Today we spent Mother's Day with my parents, sister, aunt and uncle, grandfather and our two babies. Sweet Matt surprised me with a spa day to be spent at my favorite salon here in Athens, City Salon and Spa. My day includes a manicure, haircut and half hour massage. Three whole hours away from the kids!! Wednesday we head to Savannah to show off the baby to Matt's family. The weekend concludes with Matt's childhood friend Josh Klein's wedding at Bethesda Chapel. It's a lot of driving, but we're excited about being with family all week.

May 11, 2007


Will has learned how to count from one to ten. We didn't realize he knew how until he just came out with it this morning. Apparently he is listening to us even though it doesn't seem like it most of the time. His version of one through ten is so hilarious I had to share it with you......

Will: (needs to be shouted for full effect)

"one, two, one, four, five, chicken, eight, nine, ten, elubunum"


May 9, 2007

Look how big I'm getting!

Annely Blake went for her three week check-up today. She weighs 8lbs 4oz and is 21 inches long now! We are happy she's healthy and growing well!

May 5, 2007

the terrible- err- terrific twos!

Annely Blake doesn't get much of a view these days. We have her pack & play set out in the den to keep her in during waking hours. This is mostly to protect her from big brother Will. We were nice and put a play gym mat down so at least she has something to look at other than the ceiling. I can see why second born children are usually so laid back!

Will likes to get into things when I'm too busy to notice. Today while I was giving Annely Blake a bath he was all too quiet. I caught him out of the corner of my eye dragging my hair dryer around by the cord saying, "come on dryer, come on." :) Later I found him in the bathroom surrounded by the evidence! He's got the guilty look going on here!

May 2, 2007

heat wave

It was 90 degrees here today......seems like a good excuse for bringing the pool out!

Funny Faces

Annely Blake makes some funny faces, including her infamous big yawn. I took these because she is changing every day and the grandparents are screaming for more pics!! If you look closely you'll notice she has a little bit of red in her hair. I have NO idea where that comes from. Who do you think she looks like?