Apr 30, 2007

on our own

Pa Pa and Mi Mi left us this morning...we're on our own...just the 4 of us. Now life with 4 begins!

Apr 28, 2007

fun at the park

Matt's parents are in town to see the baby and today we all headed to Lake Bottom park for a picnic lunch and some fun in the sun. Will had a great time swinging, sliding, and throwing the football with Pa Pa and Daddy. Annely Blake spent the time snoozing away in her stroller.

sleeping like a baby....

wouldn't you love to be able to sleep like this?

Apr 26, 2007

Happy One Week Birthday Annely Blake!

one of the few glimpses of her with her eyes open!

Apr 21, 2007

will enjoying his new slip and slide from poppy and kk

outside enjoying the beautiful spring weather

the tired but proud mom and daughter

Home with Annely Blake

she came home yesterday from the hospital...

Apr 19, 2007

Awwwe, Aren't They Cute?

Will loves his new "baby sitter"

Annely Pics...(oh yeah, and can't forget big brother Will!!)

The Newest Addition to our Family...

Well, Annely Blake arrived on Wednesday, April 18, at 4:26 p.m. weighing in at a healthier than expected 7' 13" and 19 inches in length. Kat and baby are both doing very well. Since I am not the 'blogger' in the family, I will keep my comments brief and let Kat amaze you all with her writing skills later in the week.

Apr 13, 2007

No she is not here yet!

ok- I realize after posting those picture of Will as a baby everyone is now thinking it is the new baby.....don't want to confuse anyone!! Those are indeed pics of Will as a newborn. We'll have bold announcement title above her pictures when she decides to come- until then we're still patiently waiting.

Apr 11, 2007

one week to go.....

Hard to believe one week from now we'll be holding our baby girl. Thinking about the new baby is making me remember when Will was born. It seems like yesterday but it was over two years ago we brought our little man home from the hospital. We had no idea how he'd change our world- how we'd fall in love with him. I still can't get used to calling him a big brother. In my mind he's still my little baby. I'm not worried I'll have enough love and attention for this one, just worried I won't have enough for him. Here is a picture of him today- playing outside with his lawn mower.....and a couple of pictures from two years ago as our firstborn.

Apr 8, 2007

new blog

Well, I finally bit the bullet and decided to start a blog. Now you all can enjoy updates on Will and our growing family. I'm not sure what this is going to look like yet. It might end up being just about the kids, or I might record my feelings and thoughts....(ok I just heard a bunch of groans). As of today we have 1 1/2 weeks til baby Annely Blake arrives. I am between panic mode and elation. My mood swings are unpredictable at best. Poor Matt, he's got a lot to put up with! Here are some pictures of us today, Easter Sunday 2007, enjoy!!