Sep 26, 2009

Summer Re-Cap

(if you are still reading this blog, I applaud you. I considered kicking it to the curb but there are a few *ahem* family members who would join together and all but dis-own me if I did that. so in order to stay on their good side I'll keep it going. I'm not making any promises for the future, though.)

My sister got married in August. We spent two days in Athens without our kids and it was glorious.
We took a last minute trip to the beach. The weather was perfect and we practically had the beach to ourselves as most kids were back in school.
Football season started. Like any good southern girl, I must dress my children in the colors of my team and make them pose in ridiculously humid conditions with the sun shining directly in their eyes. This picture is the result of that obligation to team.

Lastly, here is Henry at 8 months. He is getting so big I really must update on him more often. I know I am biased toward all my children being pretty cute, but oh. my. goodness. I could eat this little face up. He really is the cutest Maxey by far. I hope my other children don't hate me for saying that one day.

Q: So, Kat, when do you plan on updating the blog again?
A: Who knows?? We've got a lot of major decisions coming up and are in the middle of a particularly stressful period right now. More on that later. Just pray for us.

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The Flukers said...

Please don't stop updating your blog! I love reading it and it makes me feel connected with y'all!!! Hope you are well and keep us posted on what you mean by future decisions!