Jul 31, 2007


Matt's such a terrific dad I had to take a minute to brag about him! After a full day at work he's happy to come home and take Will off my hands until bed-time. I didn't realize how much I appreciated it until our "new" addition joined the family! Thanks Matt/daddy for all your hard work on the job and for taking care of us so well, we love you!

Jul 29, 2007


We had a great time this weekend with Matt's parents visiting. Will enjoyed chasing Pa Pa, playing hide-n-seek, and sliding at the park. Mimi got some snuggle time with Annely Blake. We're all sad to see them go tomorrow :(

Jul 26, 2007


No one warned me about having boys. I guess the same people who decided not to issue Parenting for Dummies to all new parents leaving the hospital also thought it wasn't important to tell those who didn't grow up with brothers how much energy little boys can have. Will is in constant motion, flitting from one thing to another and never playing with something for more than two minutes. These first two pics were taken from inside the house as Will was playing outside after I locked him out. Cruel? I think not! Only way I can get things done sometimes, and besides, it was only for ten minutes!!

Will's new move. I think he invented it for Annely Blake's enjoyment. Or as he affectionately refers to her now: air-brake. When corrected- "Will, it's Annely Blake,"- "oh, Annely air-brake." Air-brake it is. And for the new move: I think it might be better than Monkey Joes!

Jul 21, 2007

Back home

Well, we're back home- a more rested, tanned, relaxed group. The week went by way too fast as we were so busy with the kids. I couldn't choose just a few pics so bear with me.....lots of memories captured!

Our house: Salad Days
Aunt May May and Annely Blake on the beach

Dad- chillin on the porch

Mom doing what she loves best

Will and Matt riding waves

Riding bikes was one of Will's favorite things to do

I got not one but three nights out without the kids! One of them was with some friends I met up with from Columbus, Heather and Susie. Here we are at Cafe 30 A.

Two date nights with Matt. First was dinner at D & K's, and second was tapas at Cafe Rendez-vous.

Aunt May May making Annely Blake laugh like no one else can!

Wow! Look at those legs!

She almost roasted in here- the beach was way too hot for her so she spent most of the week back at the house with grandma "KK".

Will's favorite thing was definitely the water.

Perfect little spot for him.....don't think he's napping though- this was a time-out.

Riding bikes with Dad.

Toasted ravioli at Cafe Spiazzia....mmmmmm!

Making sand castles. Is he the cutest thing or what?!

Jul 13, 2007

Off to the beach...

Just wanted to let all of you faithful followers know I'm setting the blog aside and spending a week soaking up the rays with the fam. We're leaving tomorrow and coming back next Saturday, hopefully with lots of great pictures and stories to tell!
Look out Seaside.......here we come!

Jul 11, 2007

sad face..... happy face....

Jul 7, 2007

tough crowd

I tried and tried but couldn't get her to smile for these. I can usually capture a few in the morning when she's well rested or if Matt talks to her (she loves the sound of his voice.) We think she's turning out to be much like her brother; fairly laid back and easy-going. Although judging by these pics she may end up being the serious one of the family... don't think Will's going to win that award anytime soon! She's now consistently sleeping 9+ hours at night which is great for the rest of the Maxey fam!!


yesterday was one of "those" days. one of those, don't get out of your jammies day, sit at the window and wait for daddy to come home from work at least 1/2 hour before he's expected home day, mommy tries to find creative things to do all day while it's raining outside day. we built forts which were good for about 5 minutes of fun before Will tore them down. no nap for Will = loooooong day for mom. how much longer until he's old enough to go to school???

Jul 6, 2007

2 1/2 going on 16

Will's new favorite thing to do when Matt gets home is to jump in the car and pretend to drive.

Jul 4, 2007

another family pic

pre-July 4th cookout family pic. not the best of Annely Blake but we'll take what we can get!

July 4th

Happy July 4th everyone! After a late breakfast we went for a mid-morning swim at Aunt May May's pool. Will swam by himself today for the first time! This may seem like no big deal for a 2 1/2 year old but just three weeks ago he wouldn't get in the pool even with someone holding him so this is a huge accomplishment. He was so proud of himself and even ventured out to the deep-end alone several times. This is great news for me, meaning now I can actually enjoy going swimming without having his arms snake hold around my neck like a little anaconda.

Other dramatic news of the day: We think a little black cloud must follow Will around on July 4th. Last year it was a head-first tumble down a flight of concrete stairs resulting in a scraped forehead, nose and lip. Today it was a duck attack. Yes, that's right, a duck attack. When we left the pool and were loading the car up Will stepped up into a patch of bushes next to the car and was walking around in them. He unknowingly stepped onto a duck who was apparently using the bushes as a hiding spot (for herself as well as some eggs we think.) The duck flew up out of the bushes and started attacking Will, pecking him in the head and flapping it's wings as he helplessly but unsuccessfully tried to defend himself and escape. My sister and I stood by, too stunned to even move and were yelling helpful things like, "oh get off- stop- no- move Will..." it was actually Matt who saved the day, and Will, by leaping through the bush to swoop him up in one giant move. Now if you know anything about us, that in itself is comical. Here I am, an ex-ER nurse who's seen every kind of horror imaginable, and I can't even compose myself to save my son from a little duck. Matt's usually the one panicked, dramatic, flustered. But I have to give it to him, he remained calm and of course looks like a hero to his little guy!
We're off tonight to grill out with friends. More pics to come as the day is already shaping up to be quite eventful and it's not over yet.....

Jul 2, 2007

cutie #1.... cutie #2
Adventures in sewing continued: yesterday I headed to the fabric store, picked up some gingham, called my sister to come help, and pulled out the sewing machine. Five hours and two advil later I had the completed product: two one-piece boy suits for Will. I'm actually pretty pleased with them! Here's what I learned:
1. seam rippers are very important
2. button holes are tricky
3. pay attention to each step; don't jump ahead
4. put away all sewing instruments lest your 2 1/2 yr old find the fabric pencil and use it to draw all over the hard wood floors in the dining room
Not bad for a first-timer........?