Aug 27, 2009

New Ears

The long awaited tubes are in! Annely Blake handled it all very well and has been (mostly) back to her old self today. Thanks for your prayers and calls today.

(and what is it about a small child in a hospital gown that makes them so pitiful looking??)

Here's hoping for an antibiotic free fall for this one!!

Aug 23, 2009

Bye Bye Mullet

It's gone! It's gone! I finally got tired of the mullet Annely Blake has been carrying around for months now. I hated to cut her hair since she has so little of it, but it needed to be trimmed up all around and one length. Here is the before shot...hard to believe it really was this long!!

New "do" from the back-
side view-

she seems pretty happy about it! got to make sure there is a bow in at all times so people don't think she's a boy!

front view...not bad for my first job!