May 24, 2009

Why I haven't blogged more lately

Three words: lack. of. time. Yep, with three little ones all vying for my attention, there's barely enough time for dinner these days, much less the blog! Here is a little update on those three reasons why this blog has been ignored.

1. Will. Out of school for summer! Next year it's five days a week in the 4k class and then on to kindergarten. It hardly seems possible! He has been absolutely delightful these days. Full of conversation and questions, extremely helpful and obedient and so, so funny! His latest obsession is the matchbox cars and his cowboy outfit. Almost every weekend his favorite thing to do is dress up in the cowboy outfit and watch Bonanza. I'm not kidding!! His four year check up was perfect, and much to my surprise he passed his hearing screen with flying colors. I was convinced he had a hearing problem, but "4 year old boy ears" was the doctor's diagnosis :) He also landed on the charts at 97% for height for his age. We knew from the beginning he was going to be a tall one.

2. Annely Blake. Still the diva. Still throwing fits, demanding her way, wanting to do everything herself. Yes, she is definitely two. The newest thing with her is the start of potty-training!!! She is doing great! So far only one accident since we started on Wednesday! (Well, one #1 accident....the #2 is a different story :) So far that has yet to land in it's appropriate destination.) She is getting more into dress-up and still loves her baby dolls.

3. Henry. Baby Henry is continuing to keep me on my toes! This boy loves to be held and entertained. It seems like the more chaos that's going on around him, the happier he is! He's started rice cereal and bananas, which he loves, and is grabbing at rattles, going to town in the johnny jump up, and rolling over to his side. His four month check up is in a few weeks so we'll see where he is in terms of weight and length.

May 2, 2009

April....a month of celebrations...

A birthday celebration for a big two year old- Happy Birthday, Annely Blake!!
BOB the Builder, live in Columbus!

Two BOB fanatics: Luke and Will-

What better way to celebrate than dancing in the aisle with your best friend?-

Getting 12 hours of sleep out of this little one!-

A new toy! Finally big enough to try the johnny-jump-up-