Aug 26, 2008

The latest from around here....

Thanks to Fay, this is what it's been doing here since Saturday..... Had our small group over Saturday night for our annual kick-off. here are some of the kids:
some of the adults:

and our fabulous shrimp boil dinner, courtesy of my hubby:

thought it was funny that one of my kids pulled this book off the shelf. how did they know?

and finally, a completed outfit for Annely Blake. although cute, the belly is not really supposed to show. (note to self...cut out larger size next time)

Aug 19, 2008


School started yesterday for Will. Here are a few pictures from his first day!

Aug 14, 2008

Lazy Summer Days

Not much to say. Just a bunch of pictures from the past week, winding down our summer. We have a lot to pack in before fall starts.

Here we go....

Hollywood Connection with the kids plus bff Luke

We're doing some updating to our house, starting with replacing the toilets. Walker came to help.

the shiny new throne

another catfish baseball game-

playing outside in the mud-

dirty girl-

Aug 8, 2008


to school. One week and counting! Will starts pre-school on the 18th, going three days a week this year. Summer seems especially hard when school and church activities are on hold and I'm looking for something to do every day. This week we've been busy with playgroup, pool, and park. Here are some pictures from our (hot) morning at the park watching the ducks.