Feb 26, 2008

who says I'm sick?

Fever: still there
Diagnosis: just a virus.....fever lasts for 4-5 days
We escaped the throw-up bug with this one so we're all happy about that!

Feb 23, 2008

victim #2

Fever: 103
Vomiting: not yet, but I suspect it will be a long night :(

Feb 21, 2008

the invalid

Well, the stomach virus has officially hit our home. Why is it that every time Will throws up it's in the car and all over his car-seat? Yuck. Let's hope Annely Blake doesn't contract it. She looks pretty good here...

Please pray for us if you remember! Having sick kids is never any fun :(

Feb 19, 2008

long week-end

Matt had Monday off, which meant a long, relaxing week-end for all of us. The weather was beautiful, affording us plenty of opportunities for outside play..... the next-door neighbors came over and helped push....
and Annely Blake is now feeding herself the bottle (which spells f-r-e-e-d-o-m for me!!)

and we're working on the pincer grasp and self-feeding.....a work in progress as the gag reflex is still strong and she's a little pickier than Will was at this age. As I've said before.... it's hard following after the easiest baby that ever lived :)

when all else fails, bananas and cheerios seem to go down without any trouble :)

Feb 13, 2008

Will's Birthday Party with Friends

Will's actual birthday, (monday), was pretty uneventful. We had a few of his friends over that morning for play and cupcakes. The rest of the day went down-hill after that, though. He was rotten, I was rotten, it was not a pretty sight. I was glad when the day was over and he was in bed!

He's enjoying his cupcake as you can see here.... Lulie



other pics.....
A boy and his dog:

I didn't forget about our second child~

wow...didn't take her long to figure this out after mastering the crawl!

Feb 9, 2008

Will's Birthday Dinner

We celebrated Will's 3rd today (his actual b-day is 2/11) with Poppy and KK, aunt May May and the rest of our family with a dinner made just for him. Hamburgers, fries, chocolate cake with tons of m&m's and ice cream. All of Will's favorites! We can't believe he's a big three year old now...... time really has flown by.

Here are some pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/katmaxey50/WillSBirthday

Happy Birthday Buddy! We love you!

Feb 6, 2008


We have a crawler! (I think she's been able to do this for a while but would rather be held and moved around by someone else :)

9 1/2 months...

going for the phone just like big brother Will did at this age

Feb 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Matt! (#29)

As you can see, trying to get both kids to cooperate for the picture wasn't easy....

We love you!!!