Jan 31, 2008

crazy week

Whew! I'm back to blogging again. Sorry it's been a while.....I really have no excuses, except that I'm just trying to hold it together with two kids and a dog. I was just talking to a friend today about how I feel that I can never fully stay on top of things anymore. My house never really feels clean, and even when it is it's not long before the dog tracks dirt in, or Will throws his blocks everywhere, or Annely Blake smears soggy Cherios all over the floor..... well, you get the picture. I guess this is our new "normal." Better get used to it :) Last week really was a whirl-wind. We had our entire AC/Heating system torn out and replaced, which involved me being confined to the den and kitchen area for two days with a toddler, baby, and dog. Cabin fever doesn't even begin to describe the way we were all feeling after that. Fortunately, I left the very next day for our church's women's reatreat. The kids were left in the very capable hands of Matt and his parents (thanks MiMi and Pa Pa!) I came back refreshed and ready to be a mom again. Fortunately at the moment no one is sick or teething, which means we are getting pretty decent sleep around here. So.....hope that catches everyone up with the Maxey happenings. The following are a few pictures from our bed-time routines tonight. I couldn't find anything more exciting....sorry :)

Ellie's nightly 8pm coma- after Will is done with her and is off to bed...
Sleeping like a baby....look at those rosy cheeks!

Will admiring himself in the mirror after brushing his teeth....

Did you brush the back ones well?.......


Jan 25, 2008

daddy time

Now that Will is a little older, Matt has enjoyed taking him places and spending some one-on-one time with him. Last night he took Will to his first hockey game..... They met the mascot...

He was very interested in the blimp and where it was at all times.....

He watched a little hockey too.....

Tonight I'm leaving for our women's retreat in Alabama! I don't think I've ever been this excited about a retreat before! Having two kids has definitely been hard on this ultra, ultra extroverted people-person. I'm looking forward to the social time and maybe getting a little break from the kids (not that I don't love them :)) Matt's called in the reinforcements (his parents) for the week-end so I don't have to worry!

Jan 21, 2008

Georgia on My Mind

It's never too early to show some team spirit!!

Jan 16, 2008


We're all pretty tired around here. Between Will's nightly visits to our room, Ellie yapping and crying half the night, and Annely Blake flipping around in her crib and getting her head stuck under her blankets and bumper pad, we're pretty bleary-eyed. Aside from the sleep issues, Ellie's fitting in wonderfully with the kids. She tolerates Will picking her up and toting her around.....which says a lot.

OK, I take it back.....someone is getting some sleep around here......

Jan 12, 2008

Introducing Ellie

She's here! The newest addition to the Maxey household! Visit the link below for pictures from Roba (Susie's Dad's place in Union Springs, Alabama) and to see the fun we had today before picking her up. Will is having fun chasing her around outside and telling her "no Ellie" at every chance he gets!

Jan 9, 2008

70 degrees?.....in January?

The weather here has been nice and warm, allowing for plenty of opportunities to play outside and spend some of Will's endless energy.

On another note, as if our lives weren't crazy enough, we're getting a dog! More details to come about that later...... we're scheduled to pick her up on Saturday.

Jan 4, 2008


Something is happening in the Maxey household. Something that has yet to happen since we had Will nearly three years ago. I have seen some changes in him in the past few weeks. Some changes that are encouraging to me and Matt. My biggest frustration in parenting Will has been that he has zero attention span and will not play with anything by himself. He spends at the most five minutes on an activity, and 4 1/2 of those are spent destroying the thing. But, finally, here we are. It started over Christmas with a new-found joy in his block set we've had for over a year. The spark was flamed even more as he spent time at my parents house with their block set which is even bigger and better than ours. So since we've arrived back at home, Will has spent literally countless hours playing and building and arranging and stacking. Building what he calls "tall towers", and "houses," and "trains." And heaven help you if you try to unstack or knock over one of his creations. Matt and I just sat on the couch last night as he did this: Looking at each other in amazement that it was actually quiet in our house. And the kids were awake!!!! Matt commented that he remembered doing things like this as a kid. Making and creating structures.
And not to leave out Annely Blake. I'm having to keep my eye on her a little closer now as she's not quite crawling but scooting and spinning around and getting things in her mouth. I think it's out to Toys-R-Us this week-end for a set of large wooden blocks. We've got a good thing going here!

Jan 2, 2008

Highlands, NC

After a busy Christmas day, the four of us spent time the day after as a family. Will played with his toys, we cleaned up some, and just relished in the quiet that slow, schedule free days bring. Thursday we headed to Athens and spent the night at my parent's house. Friday Matt and I left the kids and traveled to Highlands, NC to spend four days/three nights at The Old Edwards Inn. It was the first time we had left Annely Blake and it was a little sad, but it was great to get a break and have some R & R sans kids. Although the weather was a little cloudy and drizzly, we enjoyed each other, the fresh mountain air, and exploring the quaint little town of Highlands together. Back in Athens, Will did a good job making my parents laugh, and experienced his first on-line video games. (Which I highly recommend if you need a minute or two to yourself and are willing to leave your destructive toddler unattended at the computer : www. sesamestreet.com for short little interactive videos. Will's favorite was Elmo goes potty :)) Anyways....we're back in Columbus and back to the old grind. Mops starts next week and Matt went back to work today.

Check here for pictures from Highlands: http://picasaweb.google.com/katmaxey50/Highlands